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Weddings, Civil Partnerships & Vow Renewals
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Allie really takes the time to get to know her clients on a personal level to truly reflect their unique love for one another through an engaging, unforgettable
marriage ceremony. Whether you’re planning a traditional ceremony or something a little 'out of the box', she offers you her creative flair and infectious enthusiasm.
She will be delighted to add symbolic blessings such as handfasting, candle ceremonies and jumping the broom;
you can even design
your own!
Allie prides herself on her ability to create fun, relaxed yet professional ceremonies that reflect her client's cultures, beliefs and values.
She takes away the stress that comes with ceremony planning and creates something truly memorable with you.

We Do
Civil Partnerships

Whether you have a simple, elegant ceremony in mind, are thinking of a very traditional service or planning a fun, modern, even unusual or 'wacky' Civil Partnership party, Allie will work closely
with you to create
a unique, and personalised ceremony. 
She will be delighted to add symbolic blessings such as handfasting, candle ceremonies and jumping
 the broom;
you can even design
our own!
Allie will discuss with you your beliefs, values and hopes and dreams for your future together and construct a meaningful and memorable celebration.
Whatever you envisage for your big day,
Allie can create it
with you.

Love Padlocks
Vow Renewals

However long a couple have been together, renewing your
vows is a wonderful way
to celebrate your relationship, your commitment to each other and your love.
Allie will work closely with you to craft a service that is personal to you as a couple and expresses exactly what you want
to say and how
you want to say it.
She will be delighted to add symbolic blessings such as handfasting and candle ceremonies
; you can even design
your own!
Your celebration can be held anywhere, at any time and themed
as you wish.
There are no rules.

Funerals & Memorials



A good funeral
aids the grieving process:
it is as much about those
left behind as it is about honouring and celebrating the life of the individual.
Allie works closely and very sensitively with families and allows them
to safely share their memories and their stories to create
a beautiful service
that truly reflects the essence of the deceased.
She encourages them
to add individual touches
and supports family and friends who may want to actively participate in
the personal and meaningful service.

Memorial Candle

Memorials are available
for single clients
or groups. As with funerals, Allie spends time with family and friends (sometimes colleagues or comrades)
to prepare an original and truly meaningful service.
Every celebration is personal, unique and very loving. Memorials can take place anywhere and can have significant healing impact.

Dandelion Leaves
Living Memorials

A Living Memorial
is a very special service for Clients who are terminally ill or
reaching the final stages of their life.
Allie will work closely
and sensitively with you to create a celebration
of your life
that can take place
in a traditional venue,
in a hospital,
a hospice
or simply at your home
with family and friends.

Namings, Family Ceremonies & Divorce Healing


Pondering Teddy Bear
Naming Ceremonies

Unique naming and welcoming ceremonies,
in a style of your choosing, are bespoke services, designed by
Allie for babies,
children and adults.
You are free to decide the theme, mood and spirit of your ceremony and it
can take place anywhere you choose.
They are hugely joyful, fun occasions,
full of love.

Painted Heart
Family Celebrations

If you are planing a
family celebration and would like the special touch, meaning
and structure
a professional Celebrant
can bring, do get in touch
to share your ideas.
For example:-
special birthdays, anniversaries,
coming of age and retirement celebrations,
celebrations of recovery and wellness, adoptions
and events to mark achievements.
A full MC / compere service
is available.

Wine Cheers
Divorce Healing

Weddings and Civil Ceremonies are full of joy and hope for the future but things sometimes do go wrong. A divorce or separation healing ceremony, acknowledges the good that has gone before and celebrates new identity and a fresh start.
These events can be very private and intimate or full-on parties, depending on your needs.
Allie is happy to work with individuals or couples who are 'untying the knot' to create a service full
of forward looking positivity.

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