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Allie's promises

  Warmth, sincerity, honesty, humour, creativity, empathy,
compassion and sensitivity. A genuine interest in her clients and their families.
◊  A polite, mature, calm and reassuring manner.  Excellent communication. Support when clients need it most.
◊  Respect for clients’ beliefs, for any faith they may have and for their culture.
◊  Efficiency, reliability and accurate planning.  A professional, high quality, bespoke service.
◊  Excellent interview, writing and editing skills.
◊  An imaginative yet practical approach.
◊  Superb presentation skills with years of acting, public speaking, voice overs and radio experience.
◊  Great care at every step.  A thorough approach with a genuine eye for detail.
◊  An appropriately dressed, smart, well-groomed appearance.

Allie Warneford Creative Independent Celebrant
photography by Jessieswhimsicalphotography/

Why choose an
Independent Celebrant?

Allie is an Independent Celebrant who offers a very high quality, custom made and creative alternative to a traditional Church, Registrar
or Humanist Celebrant service.
She takes the view that there should be no boundaries to ceremony content and beliefs should be reflected. If, for example, a prayer, psalm or hymn has meaning or significance to the celebration, it will be included 
and presented with great respect. 

All sorts of fragments we collect through life
make us who we are, create our memories and our future hopes. With this very much in mind,
choice, spirituality and individuality
are the keys to LIFE STORIES
Creative Celebrancy Services. 

With an independent celebrant, like Allie,
you can hold your ceremony anywhere you wish and at any time of day. You can incorporate symbolic gestures, theme your event, include readings, poetry, live or recorded music, dance;
the options really are endless! 

Allie Warneford Creative Independent Celebrant
photography by Jessieswhimsicalphotography/

Why Celebrancy?

A lifetime of diverse experiences has led
Allie to her exciting role
as an Independant Celebrant.
“It isn’t until you reach a point in your life when you start to analyse your journey that you begin to see how the meaningful strands can come together and suggest a new direction.
After three close deaths in my family, I was at a natural turning point and when I started to talk about studying Celebrancy with family and friends, their reaction was a resounding
‘yes, of course! you were made for it!’

Aside from utilising the practical skills,
which come from years of drama and theatre experience, working as a Celebrant 
gives me the opportunity to put my
more personal attributes to good use
and work intimately with people at the most significant moments in their lives.
My role with LIFE STORIES is to help them celebrate events, whether
joyful or sad, in the most
appropriate, meaningful and fitting way.
It is immensely rewarding
and an absolute honour.”

Allie Warneford Creative Independent Celebrant
photography by Jessieswhimsicalphotography/
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